For Physicians



  • Minimum: Every 2 year for women ages 50 to 70. Additional ultrasound if there is residual glandular tissue
  • Ideally: Annual mammogram beginning at age 40 until menopause or until discontinuing substitution therapy. From then onwards, an exam every 2 years is sufficient.

If a first-degree relative (mother, sister or daughter) has breast cancer, screening should start 10 years earlier.

Modern mammography uses low-dose radiation which allows screening from the age of 40. The theoretical risk of dying from a 4-view mammography has been calculated as one chance in a million. That means that this level of risk of dying is the same as dying from smoking one cigarette or drinking one glass of wine.

In Belgium:

  • 1 woman in 9 will get breast cancer before the age of 75
  • 50% of all breast cancer patients are between the age of 50-70
  • 1 woman in 4 with breast cancer will be younger than 50
  • 1 woman in 4 with breast cancer will be older than 75

Official breast cancer screening programs:

  • Start at age 50 in Belgium
  • Start at age 40 in the US